• born on the track,

  • perfected for the street.

Lightweight flexible Outsole

Upon peak impact the individual cushioning elements retract into the outer-sole to maximise stability and create an effortless and powerful push-off. 

Individual 360° 3D-Cushioning Elements

During impact these individual cushioning elements move vertically as well as horizontally, which provides an unbelievably smooth ride, proven to be 30% more cushioned than a regular sneaker.


Imagine walking on a boardwalk covered in a thin layer of sand… The sand lets you glide into each step.  Then as your foot pushes off, the sand melts away allowing your foot to directly come in contact with the pavement, enabling you to push off firmly and quickly. In other words, horizontal and vertical forces are cushioned, without losing energy during the push-off.
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Health benefits

Better posture, increased muscle activity, relief of joints, better blood circulation and extremely comfy and happy feet!
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