Dr. med. Patrik Noack

Chief Medical Swiss Triathlon, Swiss Ski Nordic and Swiss Sliding
"I wear my GnL shoes daily, because they’re both extremely comfortable and they ideally cushion against the axial and horizontal forces."

Donghua Li

Olympic Gold Medalist, 1996 Atlanta
"I was convinced the moment I tried these shoes on. I love wearing GnL's daily and even while playing golf I've always got them with me.  

Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray

President Heeluxe LLC
"We've tested GnL footwear in our lab and it has great stability while maintaining a low profile. Most walking shoes that have as good of stability are much wider and thicker, and consequently much heavier."

Dr. med. Thomas Stähelin-von Büren

FMH Specialist in Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology of the Musculoskeletal System
"The feeling of "walking on clouds" is great – and definitely has a true "wow" factor. People suffering from symptomatic arthritis of the knee or hip will love this feeling of walking on clouds. I truly believe that these shoes help to reduce pain and discomfort."

Marco Laterza

Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert Featured on the cover of Muscle & Fitness Magazine
"GnL helps me recover faster after my leg workouts by reducing a huge amount of impact in the muscles and joints during daily activities. These shoes are awesome!"

Brigitte McMahon

Olympic Gold Medalist and Athlete of the Year 2000
"As a teacher and coach I'm on my feet a lot, so it's important to have comfortable and functional shoes. Since I wear GnL, my feet feel better after a long day and my calf muscles aren't as tired during my training sessions."

Carina Dunkel

"GnL shoes really helped me stay fit and feel good during my pregnancy. I had no back pain at all whenever I wore my GnL's, unlike with regular shoes. Today I still wear them all the time and feel great!"

Alberto Spielmann

Group Fitness Instructor
"The day after I ran a half marathon, I put on these shoes and I have to say, they were AWESOME! These shoes also help if you have to be on your feet all day. I was at two concerts: To the first concert I wore regular shoes and had back pain by the end of the evening; to the second concert I wore my GnL shoes and felt fantastic even after standing for hours."

Jessica Dantas

Aerobics and Group Fitness Instructor
"I wear my GnL’s for everything. When I give aerobic classes they give me the right amount of cushioning but also allow me to be quick and agile.  After long days of standing or being active my legs feel super light and I feel less tired at the end of the day!"

Stanislav Vorlicek

Golf Instructor
"After a long day on the golf course, I give my feet a break by wearing GnL shoes and let them rejuvenate straight away.  It’s amazing just how quickly my feet recover. Thank goodness for GnL!"

Terence Martel

Personal Trainer/Fitness and Sports Expert
"Since I started wearing GnL shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired at the end of the day!"

Nico Lundgreen

"Two short testimonials: I wore GnL shoes for the whole day while hiking in St. Moritz (forest tracks with gentle slopes and gradients). My feet showed no signs of tiredness whatsoever. But the street parade in Zurich was the real test. Eight hours on my feet and that wasn’t just standing around and walking ;-). It was the ultimate endurance test. The shoes were the perfect companions. My feet were just fine.  I’ll be wearing them to every street parade from now on :-)."

Anita Buri

TV Presenter, Model, Ex-Miss Switzerland
"I really like the way GnL shoes look, and I can combine them easily everyday whether I'm shopping, walking, doing fitness or biking." Photographer: Bolzern Twins

Jesse Ritch

"The perfect everyday shoe. Whether I'm on the go or on stage, these sporty shoes keep me light and comfy all the time!"


"An all round talent! With these shoes you can be confident that you'll always be looking stylish. Until now, I've never been able to combine comfort with fashion. With GnL it's finally possible!"

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