Swiss Engineering

Individual 360° 3D-Cushioning Elements

Upon first impact these individual cushioning elements move vertically as well as horizontally, which provides an unbelievably smooth ride, proven to be 30% more cushioned than a regular sneaker.

Lightweight flexible outer-sole

Upon peak impact the individual cushioning elements retract into the outer-sole to maximise stability and create an effortless push-off.

What's behind the crazy design?

Imagine walking on a boardwalk covered in a thin layer of sand… The sand lets you glide into each step. Then as your foot pushes off, the sand melts away allowing your foot to directly come in contact with the pavement, enabling you to push off firmly and quickly. In other words, horizontal and vertical forces are cushioned, without losing energy during the push-off.


How does GnL work when walking?

Landing phase

More time during the landing phase:

When your foot hits the ground, the patented cushioning elements move vertically and horizontally.  Sensory function stimulates the nervous system, increasing muscle activity. Joints are naturally stabilized and cushioned by your muscles.


Transition phase

Flexible sole:

Our lightweight and flexible sole allows your foot to move naturally, which eases the musculoskeletal system and promotes good posture while walking.


Push-off phase

Powerful push-off:

The cushioning elements retract into the sole with your full body weight, allowing a powerful push-off without energy loss. Energy is saved and you feel fit throughout the day.


How does GnL work when standing?

When standing, the cushioning elements have a stimulatory effect and put your body in an "active stance”. This allows for better posture, increased muscle activity, relief of joints and better blood circulation.


Outstanding Results from leading test institutes

EMPA St. Gallen, an ETH research institute, found a 30% increase in cushioning when compared to other well cushioned sneakers. 
The renowned Heeluxe Lab in California USA conducted a separate study, confirming the superior stability of GnL. Other shoes with similar stability are much wider and thicker, and therefore much heavier.



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