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Nigg (left) Eric (right)



Style or comfort? Both! We say. We, as in Eric Braunschweiler and Nigg Hug. Both passionate about shoes. Eric is responsible for marketing. He studied in America and brought the instinct for trends back with him across the pond. Nigg is responsible for sales and has many years of experience in the footwear industry. Together they take care of design and production, along with young Swiss designer Manuela Menzi and their shoe manufacturer in northern Italy.



The story began with a cut up garden hose. No, not really. It all started with Eric's father's desire for fast and lightweight running shoes that would still be gentle on joints and tendons. An understandable desire, for he ran so much that you could circle the globe twice with his accumulated kilometers. Eric's father, engineer by trade, began making shoes in his basement that would meet these requirements. And this is where the garden hose comes in. He crafted the first prototypes with a cut up garden hose. To cut a long story short. He succeeded. The sole technology he developed rapidly conquered the international running shoe market (minus the garden hose, of course.) But an engineer would not be an engineer if he allowed himself to be content with his development. Together with Eric he transferred this unique technology into everyday shoes in the form of GnL Footwear.



Our objective is a simple one: we make shoes that unite style and comfort. With perfectly functioning technology, high-quality materials and persuasive design. Shoes that satisfy the wearer each and every day with their health benefits, quality and good looks.



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Ready for Spring?

Add some color to your step with our new Spring / Summer collection. Made of a blend of nylon and cotton, sure to keep your feet cool and stylish all day long. Now available in all sizes. PS for...